Labels for
Direct Hot Application

Labels can be applied directly on hot metal products. Identify steel and aluminum products very early in the production process. Apply barcodes so products can be accurately identified and verified at down stream process using scanners.



  • Application temperature to 400℃℃
  • Maximum heat resistance to 600℃.
  • Excellent ink stability and resistance to ink smudging at high label application temperatures


  • Application temperature from 250℃ to 600℃
  • Maximum heat resistance to 600℃.
  • Heat activated adhesive


  • Application temperature from 450℃ to 800℃
  • Maximum heat resistance to ℃.
  • Heat activated adhesive


  • Application temperature from 450℃ to 900℃
  • Maximum heat resistance to 900℃.
  • Heat activtaed adhesive

Mechanism of hot direct application

Unique adhesives are heat activated by hot direct application up to 900℃

image:Mechanism of hot direct application

Dedicated applicator is necessary for hot application.

Industry leading technology by YStech

Use Application

Print labels on demand using dedicated computers or integrate with production systems. Identify products in the field using mobile printers. Include information such as weight, batch number, production date or chemistry. Use various barcode symbologies such as 1D, 2D or QR codes.
Product identity verification is most reliable when using barcode scanners.

Installation example

Steel products

Application temp : 800℃
Label : HP-700T

Application temp : 550℃
Label : HP-600

Application temp : 750℃
Label : HP-700T

Application temp : 800℃
Label : HP-700T

Aluminum products

Application temp : 500℃
Label : HP-600