HEATPROOF series labels and tags improve product identification and tracking.
Identify and barcode products at high temperatures, or track products through high temperature processes.
Verify product identity using barcode scanners, cameras or imaging systems.

Labels for Direct
Hot Application

Application Temperature Range900

Heat Resistant Labels can be applied to hot objects such as steel, aluminum, or copper, immediately after the casting process.
Thermal transfer printers allow variable information and barcodes to easily be printed.

Steel : Slab, Bloom, Bar, Billet, Plate, Hot Coil
Aluminum : Sow, Ingot, Billet, Slab or Plate

Labels for Heat Treatment
Process Management

Application Temperature Rangeroom temperature~
Maximum Temperature1,200

Track products through heat processes using scannable barcodes.
Industries include ceramics, porcelain, concrete, electronics, and a variety of metals.

Steel : Coil annealing
Aluminum : Homogenizing, Annealing
Ceramics : Baking process, Setter management
Automotive : Heat treatment process management
Asset and Tooling : Production history, Process management
Electronics : Reflow process management
Others : Jig management

Tags for Heat treatment
Process Management

Application Temperature Rangeroom temperature~1,200
Maximum Temperature1,200

Heat resistant Tags can be attached to a variety of metal products including hot steel, immediately after casting. Tags can also be designed to survive reheat cycles, pickling baths, acid baths, or galvanizing, thus eliminating the need to re-identify products after these processes.

Steel : Slab, Bloom, Billet, Wire
Automotive parts : Heat treatment process management
Others : Jigs management for heat treatment process