Steel Industry

Case Study: Direct application on hot steel slab using robotic labeler system

ObjectSteel Slab

Customer’s Request

Identify hot steel slabs using HEATPROOF label. Verify identity of slab before entry into rolling mill.

Initial Process Management

Visual inspection of spray marking

Spray marking at 800℃

Shipping label is applied after slab has cooled

Label application at stock yard after slab has cooled

Process Issues

  • Spray marking information drops off with scale.
  • Incorrect label is applied after slab has cooled, causing misidentified products.
  • Automated verification of spray marked slab identity is very difficult. Human reading errors cause issues in downstream processes.


1Barcodes are used for accurate product identification.

2HEATPROOF labels are applied early in the production process, eliminating costly identification errors.
3Products in inventory can be identified with scanners or imaging devices.

Eliminate the need to re-identify products in inventory.

Verify identity prior to shipping. Visual verification leads to errors. Use barcode scanning systems to ensure correct product is shipped to your customer

4Eliminate misidentified product. Improve shipping accuracy. Streamline inventory reconciliation.