Tooling Management with Heat-Resistant Labels

【Tooling Management with Heat-Resistant Labels】

Recently, there have been an increasing number of inquiries from companies that use heat resistant barcode labels to manage molds and other tools (Ex. Mold information, Tooling specific information, Initial use time and date, usage history, etc.) 
In particular, these requests often come from manufacturing subcontractors in order to manage tooling assets owned by major manufacturers. (Electrical machinery and machinery manufacturers are common.)
HEATPROOF Labels are recommended for these applications.

Our heat-resistant labels/tags can be printed with necessary information, such as visible characters, barcodes, QR codes, etc., using a thermal transfer printer.
They can easily be applied and can withstand the harsh environments surrounding the manufacturing and cleaning processes while staying attached to the mold, providing barcode scannable asset Identification.

Common Requirements for Mold and Tooling Labels/Tags:

①Heat Resistance
During the manufacturing process, Molds can reach temperatures over 150℃ (300 ℉). A standard label is made of paper or PET and cannot be used in these environments. HEATPROOF Labels are specifically designed to be heat resistant.

②Chemical Resistance
Molds are cleaned regularly. This cleaning process varies depending on the customer (air/dry ice spraying, cleaning liquid immersion, alcohol wiping, etc.). HEATPROOF Labels and Ink Ribbons offer a certain degree of chemical resistance. Depending on the specific requirements for chemical resistance, a laminate film can also be used to protect the printed information on the label.
● For Example: HP-X1450 – Heat Resistant Laminate Film

③Other Requirements
Molds used for rubber and automotive tires may require labels that can withstand high temperatures and high pressure for long periods of time. In addition, rubber may adhere to the printed surface of the label resulting in deterioration of identification information such as characters and barcodes. In these cases, we recommend labels with a thermally set top coating.
● For Example: HP-X1818 and HP-X2052– Heat Resistant Labels


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