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South Korea Market Update (December 2022)

Since their first adoption in South Korea in 2013, the demand for HEATPROOF products in this region has grown considerably. At the end of 2022, YS Tech management visited customers in this area to see the implementation firsthand. HEATPROOF Tags are now widely used among specialty steel manufacturers to assist in high temperature identification as follows:


  • Tags are printed on a Thermal Transfer Printer and will include QR codes and other required information.
  • After casting, tags are attached to hot steel at temperatures over 500℃ (930℉)
  • After cooling in the yard, steel is sent through a heat treatment process at temperatures around 1000℃ (1830℉) with tags still attached.
  • Tags are scanned for verification before shipping of secondary processing.


HEATPROOF Tags can be applied manually with a nail gun, or the process can be automated. In the case of automation, we commonly see a dual spray marking function added to the process. Spray Marking allows for easy visual management with large numbers, while tags allow for QR code or other barcode management on printed tags.


Customers report that the main reasons for implementation of HEATPROOF materials are as follows:

◆Easy integration of in-house printing with commercially available and inexpensive Thermal Transfer Printers.

◆Tags can be attached directly to hot steel at temperatures up to 1000℃ (1830℉).

◆Resistance to heat treatment process temperatures up to 1200℃ (2190℉). 


We anticipate the continued growth of our unique HEATPROOF Labels and Tags in not only the Steel Industry, but in other industries that also require high temperature process management.