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Recent Visit with Turkish Steel Maker

YS Tech was recently contacted by a Turkish Steel Manufacturer regarding our HP-901 Labels. The project in question required the use of an automated label applicator robot that could attach labels to a hot billet, immediately after casting, and use these labels for product identification management.
After the initial meeting, HP-901 labels were applied on site at temperatures up to 750℃ (1380°F) without issue.

Photo① below shows a HP-901 label applied on the day of the visit at 750℃ (1380°F)



In addition to the label application test, the potential location and requirements for the robotic applicator equipment were also verified. Design plans for this system are currently underway.

The current identification methods at this company require for the manufacturer to wait until the billet has cooled below 500℃ (930°F), at which point a PI (Polyimide) Tag is attached with a nail gun. However due to the upper temperature limits of these tags, they can curve after being applied, causing reading and scanning errors to occur.

Photo② shows how the current tags can curl, creating readability issues.


Turkish Steel Companies often export their finish products to Europe and the Middle East and are increasingly being required by export destinations to improve their ID management systems due to strict policies. Many other steel companies around the world also face issues with the traceability of the products. YS Tech is interested in providing high temperature solutions with our heat resistant labels. It is expected that the number of requests for HEATPROOF Labels will continue to increase in the future.