Polyimide Tags

Commonly used overseas, Polyimide Tags are ideal for the identification of steel bars and wire rods after the rolling process, as these processes can reach temperatures close to 400(752). At high temperatures, PET tags can melt, and paper tags can burn, which means that products must be identified after cooling. Polyimide Tags on the other hand, can withstand temperatures up to 400, and be utilized in these high temperature environments.


For applications such as steel bar and wire rod production, YS Tech has developed a Polyimide Tag product called the HP-T40 Tag.


Features of the HP-T40 Tag

Heat Resistance up to 400(752)

Silicone Coating to Prevent Discoloration at Higher Temperatures

Excellent Resistance to Outdoor Exposure

Can be printed on a Thermal Transfer Printer

Can be Supplied with Custom Color Printing, such as Company Logos


Applying identification tags at the earliest possible point in the manufacturing process, while materials are still hot, improves the accuracy of product management. Please contact us to see if the HP-40T Tag or other HEATPROOF materials can help to improve your product identification processes.

(Example of Polyimide Tag Application)