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New Product Introduction: HP-X1758

New Product Introduction – Heatproof Barcode Label – HP-X1758

Introduction of HP-X1758 for high temperature barcoding applications.

YS Tech Co., Ltd., leader in heat-resistant barcode labels and tags, has a long track record of reliable labeling solutions that can be attached directly to high-temperature objects.

-High Temperature Product Management-

This line of products can be attached to high temperature objects immediately after casting at a maximum of around 1000° C. Depending on the surface and temperature of the object, many material options may be available. The new HP-X1758 can be used on objects with a surface temperature between 250 ~ 600° C. Examples include: Steel Slabs, billets, bloom, coils; as well as Aluminum Sows, billets, coils, engine blocks, etc. Allowing products to be managed by individual barcodes.

Until recently, customers with products in this temperature range have used Heatproof HP-600 labels to manage inventory. In the spirit of continuous improvement, and with feedback from our largest customers, we have made improvements to the printing surface and developed the HP-X1758 label.

The HP-X1758 label can be printed with our resin-based YS-350T ink ribbon instead of a wax-based ink ribbon. The improvements allow for reduced print bleeding, superior scratch resistance, and improved chemical resistance.

-Printing Information-

Desired traceability and identification information can easily be printed on-site using a commercially available thermal transfer printer. The ink ribbon is designed so that barcodes remain readable, even after secondary heating processes up to 1200° C.

-Outdoor Weather Resistance-

Heatproof labels make it possible to manage high-temperature products with barcodes that have traditionally been managed by handwritten heat-resistant chalk. Even if products are placed in an outdoor environment and are prone to rust, heatproof labels will continue to offer excellent readability and reliability without peeling.

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