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METEC Steel Expo 2023

METEC 2023 was held from June 12th to 16th this year. METEC is an international metal manufacturing and metallurgical technology machinery exhibition held once every four years in Düsseldorf, Germany, and is said to be the world’s largest steel-related exhibitions. This year roughly 2,000 companies from around the world exhibited and introduced products and technologies in a wide range of fields, including iron manufacturing, steel, and metal processing. YS Tech exhibited heat-resistant labels/tags HEATPROOF together with distributors in India and Europe. The response was remarkable.

Visitors were not only from within Europe, but also from Africa, the Middle East, India, Southeast Asia, Oceania, North, Central and South America. A large number of new inquires have come in from all parts of the globe. Our heat-activated labels that can be applied at high temperatures and tag products for heat treatment process management were of particular interest, reaffirmed the growing needs for ID management of steel products around the world.