Management of Aluminum Castings

There are a number of industries that require the use of aluminum castings. Because of the high temperatures associated with the casting process, management of these parts cand be difficult. In the past, engraving or hand marking methods were a common way to manage traceability of these parts. More recently, due to the advantages of heat-resistant materials, we see the adoption of Heatproof Labels to improve product identification in aluminum castings.


Benefits of Heatproof Labels for Aluminum Cast Parts

On-Site printing with Standard Thermal Transfer Printer

 (Pre-Printed labels are also possible

Easily customizable design can include barcodes, QR codes, or company logo

Barcodes can be used to automate process management

The use of high temperature ink prevents identification loss during heat treatment processes

Identification is possible earlier in the process, as labels can be applied immediately after casting at temps up to 600℃ (1110℉)

Heat resistant up to 600(1110℉)in Heat Treatment processes


(Examples of Heatproof Labels applied after casting process