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India Steel Expo 2023

The international Exhibition and Conference, India Steel 2023” was held in Mumbai from April 19th to 21st, 2023. “India Steel” is India’s largest steel-related expo and is held once every two years. This was YS Tech’s second time exhibiting since 2015.

In addition to heat-resistant labels and tags, our exhibit also included a thermal transfer printer and a robot for the application of labels directly onto hot surfaces, which attracted a lot of attention during the event. There were many visitors not only from India, but also from the east coast of Africa and Central Asia. All of which showed great interest in the management of products and processes at high temperatures. Confirming that the ability of HEATPROOF products to manage traceability at temperatures up to 1200°C (2190°F), remains to be one of the most attractive options for customers that deal with high temperature processes.


High Temperature Labeling Robot