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HP-355 Labels in Formula 1 Racing

An Italian racing team recently reached out to inquire about Heatproof Labels after hearing about their high level of performance. Certain parts of the F1 race car’s chassis and brake assembly can reach exceedingly high temperatures while in operation. Our HP-355 labels were recommended and were evaluated by the racing team.

As what might be expected from one of the world’s most high performance equipment manufacturers, the HP-355 labels were subjected to rigorous testing and repeated exposure to temperatures up to 350℃ (660℉) .  After testing was completed the Heatproof HP-355 Label was approved by the team.

As a heat-resistant label manufacturer, we are extremely proud of the fact that our labels are used in the world’s top racing machines.  

For more information on the HP-355 or other high temperature labels click on the link below:

HP-355 Labels