Steel Industry

Case Study: Management of forged products through
heat treatments using HEATPROOF tags

ObjectSteel Forged product
Attach tag at temperatures from room temperature to 800℃
→Heat treatment ( 1100℃ x 18hours )

Customer’s request

  • Improve product tracking
  • Eliminate misidentification of products

Initial Process Management

Marking by hand with heat resistant chalk

Hand writing on forged products using heat resistant chalk

Forged product is produced but may require additional forging processes

Marking can be lost on final product after cutting work

Process Issues

  • Marking is necessary after each heat treatment
  • Product is incorrectly identified or hand writing is difficult to read. This leads to identification errors.

Heat treatment cycles may cause the hand
written mark to be illegible.

Product misidentification can easily occur


1Provide product identification which will survive all processes.
2Eliminate identification errors
3Utilize barcode scanners to verify product identification and eliminate human reading errors.

HP-L90 tags can be stud welded, spot welded, or nailed to steel products for heat treatments or repeated forging

Completion of half-Finish products

HP-L90 tag survives multiple reheat cycles avoiding the need to re-identify products

→ Remarking is not necessary.
→Accurate product tracking through
complete process by using HP-L90 tag with scanable barcodes

Final product after cutting work

→HP Tag is detached at final process.