Steel Industry

Case Study: Direct application on hot steel coil
using robotic labeler system

ObjectSteel Hot Coil
ProductsHEATPROOF HP-600

Customer’s request

  • Identify and barcode hot coils soon after rolling
  • Include coil characteristics and shipping information
  • Eliminate coil identification and shipping errors

Initial Process Management

Visual inspection of Spray marking

Spray marking at 550℃

Shipping label is applied after coil has cooled

Coil number is visually checked in coil inventory yard. Label is printed and applied on cool coil.

Process Issues

  • Hot coil management using barcode identification is difficult
  • Incorrect label is applied after coil has cooled, causing misidentified products.
  • Coil must be re-identified down stream. This is not efficient


1Improvement of coil identification using barcodes and scanners.
2Elimination of inefficient processes such as coil re-identification.
3Reduce coil marking costs. Streamline inventory reconciliation.

HEATPROOF label applied in process at 550℃

4Eliminate the need to re-identify coils after cooling

Spray marked coils must be re-labelled after cooling

HEATPROOF labels are applied as soon as the coil is produced

Improved shipping accuracy and lead time