Case Study: Management of injection casting mold

Asset Management

Case Study: Management of injection casting mold

ObjectInjection Casting Mold
Temperature200~400℃ x several hours x multiple cycles
ProductsHP-120S HP-150N HP-350N

Customer’s request

  • Eliminate problems caused by poorly identified casting molds
  • Use barcode identification which will survive multiple heat cycles
  • Scan to verify mold identification at each process

Initial Process Management

Visual inspection of stamp marking to confirm identification

Process Issues

  • Mold identification errors occur because of poor marking methods
  • Mold identification degrades after multiple processes leading to identification errors
  • Production issues occur because of misidentified molds


1Provide heat resistant identification which can survive multiple cycles
2Introduce a barcoding system which will allow molds to be verified by scanners
3Provide mold identification which will survive outdoor exposure.
4Eliminate the misidentification of molds caused by human error
5Improve the mold tracking system through the production process