Powder coating process management

image : Powder coating process management
Object Machine accessories, automotive parts
Temperature Pre-treatment (Cleansing & Pickling ) ⇒ Coating ⇒ 250℃ x 30 min bake
Customer's request

・ID management
・Prevent lost or mixed product issues
・Reduce number of processes.

Previous tracking method

image : Attachment and detachment of tag was necessary for baking process.


  • lost or mixed product issues caused by human error
  • ID process management is impossible

HEATPROOF solution

Benefits of HEATPROOF
ID management of complete process. (Pre-treatment ⇒ Coating ⇒ Baking)
Eliminate the need to attach and re-attach identification tag. Eliminate human errors in product tracking
Reduce labor costs
image : HEATPROOF makes identification management through  whole powder coating  process possible